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Glenda’s Glibs–Glenda Curl


Sometimes I get so disgusted, and I start to take a vow right then and there. A vow that I will just give up Facebook and never get on there again.
For one thing, I felt like it took up too much of my time because I could be doing more productive things. And the other thing is that people post things that I just don’t like sometimes, and it takes everything I have not to answer them. But then I stop and think about it, and I tell myself that they aren’t necessarily saying those things to me, they are speaking to someone else, or they are just making a general statement which should not require me to get into the fray at all.
But it is hard. I am opinionated there is no doubt about that. So I come to conclusions about these things, but in the end I usually let them pass, and don’t voice my opinion one way or the other.
But just about the time that I make up my mind that I am finished, done, with Facebook, I stop and analyze the situation.
A lot of good comes from Facebook.
You are able to communicate with friends. You can see what folks are doing. You can watch other people’s babies grow up right in front of your eye. You can see people traveling to places you wish you were able to go. And they share pictures of those places so you can see the things you would probably never have the opportunity to see.
And lastly it is a way for people to know that you are in need of something, either health wise or from some other event that is occurring in your life.
People probably would never know some of these things if they didn’t communicate through Facebook.
Lately, a lot of people have been made aware that I was having a little difficulty health wise, and it required a recent visit to a hospital which I hardly have ever had to do in my whole lifetime. While I did not intend to publicize the fact, word has spread across the internet and I have had quite a bit of feedback from it.
It is amazing that so many people take the time to show their concern, and make you feel so much better.
Because of Facebook, I have heard from many, many people that have sent encouraging words, or even mailed cards, after seeing it on Facebook, which uplifted my spirits. And I have even heard from people that were a part of my life so many years ago.
I got a phone call the other day from someone that now lives in Florida. He was a neighbor of mine when we were growing up. I have known him since I was six years old, and we went all through school together. But we parted ways after we grew up and married. He just called me the other day because he saw it on Facebook, and wanted to let me know that he was concerned and was thinking about me, and praying for me. We had a pretty good chat and I was so happy to hear from him again.
And lastly, Toosie McKelvey, who never fails to send a card when she knows something is going on, prepared a special meal for me the other night when I got back to Camden. And she isn’t even on Facebook, but she has contacts that are, and somehow the word got back to her.
So much kindness from so many people.
With that, I think I better just stay where I am on Facebook. It has brought a lot of joy to my life, even if I do get annoyed at some of the posts. I guess everyone has the right to voice their opinion.
So I guess I will continue to see all of you there.

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