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McDanal announces candidacy for Mayor of Pine Hill

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I, Leslie “Dusty” McDanal am announcing my candidacy for the position of Mayor of the Town of Pine Hill.
I grew up in southwest Alabama and have lived here most of my life. I graduated from Orrville High School, and received a BS degree in Business Administration from Livingston University (now University of West Alabama).
After college, I worked in agri-business as manager of a grain elevator. I handled purchasing grains from farmers, maintenance of the facility, and customer relations. I have also worked as an insurance salesman and furniture store manager. All of these jobs involved the supervision of employees and meeting the public.
I went to work with the Town of Pine Hill in August 1997, as Utility Superintendent. After 17 years of service, I retired in October 2014; but have continued to help out as needed. During my tenure as Utility Superintendent, in addition to supervising employees, I was responsible for residential water and sewer services, operations of the water plant and sewer lagoon, and maintenance of streets, parks and recreation facilities. I have helped to prepare annual budgets and to maintain the good financial operation of the Town. I am a member of the Pine Hill Voluntary Fire Department. I have volunteered to help with local projects with F.S. Ervin Elementary School and Town projects such as Depot Day, etc.
I attended classes and passed the tests to be certified as a Grade II waste water operator and have also received certification as a Grade IV water plant operator. I have worked with the Town’s grant writers to obtain grants to improve and maintain the water and sewer infrastructure in the Pine Hill systems.
I have worked closely with the Town’s engineers to develop plans for improvements for water, sewer and street projects. I was part of the team working to provide water and sewer services to the GD Copper USA plant.
I am married to Wanda Morgan, who grew up in Pine Hill. We have two sons, Jamie and Jason. Jamie and his wife, Jennifer, live in Tuscaloosa with their two sons, Eric and John Emory. Jamie is a lab technician at Hunt Oil Refinery. Jason and his wife Crisi, live in Foley with their two daughters, Bailey and Maddie. Jason is a firefighter with the Orange Beach Fire Department. We attend the Pine Hill Chapel.
If elected, I will work closely with our local businesses, and also with other leaders in the County to obtain additional business and industry for our area. This would create more job opportunities for our citizens and help move Wilcox County forward!
With my background and experience, I feel that I am qualified to serve as your mayor. Therefore, I sincerely ask for your vote and support in the Pine Hill election on August 23, 2016.

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