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“We gotta pray for our Community” Moton urges Wilcox to “Stop the Violence”—

Moton urges Camden to “Stop the Violence”

Dozens of concerned Wilcox residents occupied downtown Camden Friday afternoon to protest and pray for the community’s recent string of violent incidences.

WQLS radio DJ and Wilcox County Commissions Chairman John Moton made an announcement over social mediat at approximately 9 a.m. Friday morning. He asked all citizens to join him on the Courthouse Square at 12 p.m. to “help take back the peaceful neighborhood we once knew”.

The rally followed that morning’s shooting of Kre’Shana Bonham, Wilcox’s own Court Referral Officer; and the previous night’s massacre of 5 police officers in Dallas TX.

The rally was peaceful, and was joined by local pastors who delivered scriptural encouragements to offer understanding to the recent tragedies. Moton live-streamed the entire rally through an excellent utilization of FAcebook’s latest feature, “Facebook Live”. It allowed Moton  to deliver his own personal commentary while informing the public of Wilcox’s need to unify against violence.

“We gotta pray for our community,” announced Moton over hundreds of cell-phone and computer screens, “and not just the black community, it’s gotta be everybody. Everybody has to pray.”


CLICK HERE to see Commissioner Moton’s live feed of the rally

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