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Roland Cooper could be open “by Labor Day”

*Ethan newReeling for a reason to lube up your rod?


“I’m happy to announce that the Alabama State Parks Division, in partnership with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, has non-regrettably communicated their optimistic speculations regarding the re-opening of Roland Cooper State Park…in the very near future.

During a recent telephone conference with one, anonymous yet high-ranking member of  AL State Parks, an unofficial statement was delivered: “in a perfect world, (Roland Cooper) will be open by Labor Day.”

Such a remark came after a very informative conversation highlighting the details surrounding the recently announced, concessionaire contract being negotiated with an Arizona based management company called Recreational Resources Management (RRM).

Last week, delegates from RRM company visited Roland Cooper to conduct a general inspection of the grounds. Our contact with the Corps. of Engineers stated that lodging, boat-docking, and “danger trees” were topics of major emphasis.

“Danger trees” include any and all timber life which could cause harm or liability in the future, whether by falling unexpectedly, protruding through growth onto the parks man-made structures, or compromising the safe and efficient function of power lines.

As highlighted in their contract, RRM is considering a beginner’s, concessionaire lease of 2 years with Roland Cooper, with the option of expanding that timeline by 2 years up to 2 times, or a total of 6 years. If successful, longer contracts may be negotiated.

RRM will be in charge of hiring all staff, groundskeepers, and managers themselves; Alabama State Parks could not specify whether or not RRM would seek local employees, but “it seemed likely they would”.
In the meantime, an official press-release is expected within the next 2 weeks regarding Roland Cooper State Park’s reopening under new management.”

-Ethan Van Sice


  1. Jeff koen on July 29, 2016 at 12:55 pm

    Best thing that’s ever happened. Me and my family’s first summer in a long time we didn’t get to come. I have talked to every person I could to help. Will be awesome to reopen

  2. Chris Katsimpalis on July 29, 2016 at 7:07 pm

    Love and use the Park! Please let us know of any forth coming news. Want to book a stay now!

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