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Creswell for Mayor: Continuing the Momentum


Mayoral candidate Phil Creswell will be an honest, hardworking, practical leader for the City of Camden. Currently serving as the Councilman for District 5 since 2013, Creswell has already worked diligently on numerous improvement projects.
Many of these projects, begun during the administration of Mayor Henrietta Blackmon and continued and/or completed under the leadership of Mayor Max Baggett, are important for the safety and security of the city and its citizens. Several significant projects are: a new garbage truck has been purchased, and the old one has been repaired to use as a spare; a two million dollar twenty year bond for the water system has been secured along with the replacement of meters and galvanized water lines; new police cars and a fire truck for the Jaws of Life have been purchased; fence construction at the Camden Municipal Airport was completed in 2015 and work to resolve erosion issues is scheduled for completion during 2016; and one sewer line project of 6700 feet and twenty-two manholes was completed in 2015, and a 7130 feet/27 manhole project is scheduled to bid in the next two months. Currently, the city is engaged in an extensive renovation plan for the Bridgeport Landing area. A major zero-match grant has been secured with the assistance of Alabama Tombigbee Regional Commission which will make this three year project possible. Creswell has played an essential role in bringing partners together in the planning and fundraising processes.

Continuity in leadership is essential for the successful completion of crucial infrastructure endeavors and other improvements, such as revitalization of downtown and business districts, which will continue to enhance the quality of life in Camden. If you elect Phil Creswell as your new mayor, continuity is what you will get. Creswell pledges to work hard and give his time and efforts for the betterment of Camden. Vote Phil Creswell Mayor of Camden on August 23, 2016.
To learn more about the campaign visit This article was approved by the Committee to Elect Phil Creswell for Mayor, 423 Clifton Street, Camden, AL.

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