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(BREAKING NEWS- 5:45 p.m. Wednesday) County Commission successfully balances budget with 90k to spare

After commissioners spent the past 48 hours in review of a convoluted–and downright scary–budget assessment showing us $41,000 in the red, a continuation of Monday’s meeting was held Wednesday night with some good news. And then some even better news.

A perfectly balanced budget for the 2016-17 fiscal year has indeed been established and approved.

Not only that, but an extra $90,000 was located, and set aside for other things.

However, during the short meeting, delegates from the county’s Engineering Department received $15,000 back into their budget to compensate for the disapproved hiring of new employees. The money is intended to be used towards Inmate Labor.

Also, each commissioner’s Recreational fund was set back to it’s original $3,500.

Those deductions still leave $63,000 to spare for the county.

(Full details about how the reallocation of funding and misread insurance requirements led to a balanced budget will be expressed in next week’s paper)




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