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Filmakers returning to Camden for ‘Big Foot’age




By Ethan Van Sice

Birmingham-bred film Producer/Director Justin Steeley, 30, confirmed Thursday that his Montgomery-based production company, Red Arctic Films, has chosen Wilcox County as one of their scheduled locations to collect footage for an upcoming, horror/mystery film entitled “Hunting the Legend: Part II.”

The movie will in fact be a sequel to 2014’s “found-footage”, mockumentary flick, “Hunting the Legend”, which, despite limitations from it’s slim, $100,000 budget,  ranked  20 points higher than the iconic  Blair Witch Project (1999) on horror movie review website

The film is also widely considered among the best bigfoot/sasquatch films ever made (no really, there’s actually a lot).

The first film also had a few scenes shot in Wilcox County. The storyline itself is based around 4 friends who venture into the backwoods of Camden, AL, only to experience some very strange, unsettling, and (SPOILER ALERT) deadly encounters along the way.

However, according to Steeley, HtL Part II will be a far departure from it’s predecessor , “Part II is a true sequel, so it’s also set in Wilcox County in Jan of 2013. However, it won’t be a mockumentary style.”

Rather, Steeley and his crew say they’re taking a more cinematic, theatrical approach, while still paying homage to the ‘found footage’ genre by periodically showing brief, hand-held cuts, flashbacks, and the occasional sporadic, anxiety-inducing cinematography.

And this time around, Red Arctic Films can pull it off…

The sequel will be shot in 4k resolution with top-of-the-line, theater-grade cameras, and will be backed  with custom, fully-orchestral music scores. It will utilize CGI graphics, professional sound-engineering, and top-knotch editing software.

Along with being MUCH better equipped in it’s production. HtL Part II will also feature a few, familiar Hollywood faces.


Also, and unlike the original, Part II will be distributed ON A GLOBAL SCALE to hundreds of thousands of horror fans.

Fueled by critical acclaim and fandom produced by the original, Red Arctic Films have decided to go above and… Continue reading…CLICK HERE



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