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More bones found near Sunday’s HUMAN SKULL discovery in Pine Hill

The Pine Hill Police Dept. confirmed today that excavators have un-earthed even more bones near to the human skull that was found on a Pine Hill man’s property last Sunday afternoon.

Steven Harvell called and gave a statement to police claiming he’d been cutting trees on his property when he discovered the skull lying next to a tree.

Pine Hill officers Chief Nikisha Gailes and Inv. Sgt. Donnie Floyd, along with Clarke County investigators, Ron Baguette and Michael Turner, and State Investigator Mike Murphy arrived on the scene to investigate after receiving the call at 4:15 p.m. on D.L. Lewis Rd. The teams searched until dark for more clues as to who the skull could have belonged to, but was called off shortly due to nightfall. The investigation continued on Valentines Day from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and More bones were located in the area, but they’ve not yet been confirmed to be human.

Two photos comparing the skull to a facial profile of George Mason, an elderly man who has been missing for over 7 years, were sent to a forensic analyst in Tennessee who determined through the use of a facial terrain digitizer that, indeed–it appeared as if they’d had a match.

Mr. Mason, who had Alzheimer’s was 85 years old at the time when he was reported missing.

Family members say he wandered away from his residence on October 6 2010.

“Because of the area where the bones were found, which is near his residence, we believe that it could possibly be the remains of Mr. George Mason, but until…



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