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(BREAKING NEWS–1:14 PM, WEDNESDAY) Man from Pebble Hill ejected from vehicle (*this folder may contain graphic imagery which may be offensive to some)

At approximately 12:45 pm today, a man from Pebble Hill, at this point known as Mr. Porter, was ejected from the vehicle he was driving after uprooting two large trees, and coming to an abrupt stop against another.

Mr. Porter was traveling  northbound on hwy 41 S.

Fleet Hollinger discovered the crash and made the initial call to 9-11, after some stander-by’s already on scene could not get cell phone service.

First responders worked fast to secure Mr. Porter to a stretcher and into the care of medical proffessionals; he was then promptly escorted to J. Paul Jones hospital in Camden.

Mr. Porter was responsive and mobile when he was taken off scene.















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