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(BREAKING NEWS–8:00 AM) State Investigators hop on “Little Foot’s” trail

A closer look into the legend of “Little Foot”, the mysterious naked boy seen running around Bridgeport Road, has uncovered shocking new details and a full-on investigation by the Alabama Bureau of Investigation.

Agents with the SBI traveled to Wilcox last week to collect information and talk to witnesses. New findings confirmed that a second, female subject called 9-11 to report the incident.

Authorities are taking this case very seriously. Many rumors are circulating about “Little Foot’s” true identity, and some have led to more disturbing conclusions as to why he was seen unsupervised, naked, and alone.

Possibilities of child abduction, abuse, and neglect have NOT been ruled out.

“Little Foot” was first seen last Thursday (approx. 1:40-2:00 pm) by an anonymous, male subject. The witness said he had to brake quickly in order to avoid hitting what he described as a “naked boy running from one side of the road, to the other.”

The witness described the boy as to a white male, aged 12 to early adolescence. He had brown hair, medium length. He appeared very frail and thin.

Police found many, clearly-defined and bare footprints on both the pavement of Bridgeport Rd., which ran laterally, as well as prints along the wet, sandy side of the road.

Investigators took note of a second set of prints–adult sized, with shoes– that seem to follow shortly behind the path of “Little Foot”

The Era was subpoena’d early Tuesday morning by Lt. Phillip Myers, summoned for assignment by District Attorney Michael Jackson. Thirteen photographs of “Little Foot” prints were requested and delivered lawfully at 9:12 a.m.

Anyone with information should contact local law enforcement, or call the state H.E.L.P. line at 1 (800) 392-8011.


“Little Foot” ducked behind a thin bush after crawling up a steep embankment along Bridgeport Rd, according to a witness.

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