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(BREAKING NEWS: 2:50 pm, Friday) Elderly man drives through Subway

An elderly man named A.B. Hunter drove through Subway’s front entrance today with his Ford pick up truck. Hunter was the only one in the vehicle.

A young man named Joshua Finklea was in the Fred’s dollar store next door to Subway when he heard an explosion. “I ran over there and saw it was an old man and he was stuck, ” Finklea said, “I could see he had a bad foot, and it was sort of jammed down on the accelerator .”

Finklea then said he helped Hunter exit the vehicle and an ambulance was called. Both individuals said they did not need to go to the hospital; the young man was having trouble breathing, and medical personnel did administer minor treatment within the ambulance.

Fortunately, on-duty staff at Subway were in the rear portion of the restaurant when the incident occurred and no customers were in the dining area.



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  1. Kara on March 20, 2017 at 7:44 pm

    I will pray for your family member and the subway and i hope they get the subway pray for the subway workers .

    Stay staff please .😕😆😋

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