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“Big Daddy” Lawler broadcasts from RCSP; discussions with Wendy Smith, Ashley Pruitt

James “Big Daddy” Lawler, host of outdoor morning radio show “Gettin Outdoors with Big Daddy Lawler” ( really got outdoors Saturday morning.

Big Daddy, Rusty Godbold, Jimmy Brock, and the crew broadcasted live from the Pavilion at Roland Cooper State Park to talk to park managers, to discuss future plans, and to confirm some rumored upgrades in the works.

Lawler touched on an upcoming Bass Tournament and fundraiser for the Selma Food Bank with Jeff Harrison, as well as the 46th annual WA Turkey Hunt happening over the weekend.

He also announced “no changes” for this year’s Alligator Hunt. Weigh-In’s will take place, as usual, during the 2nd and 3rd weekends of August.

Wendy Smith, one of Roland Cooper’s newest Park Managers, stopped by to say a few words about the park’s growth, how impressed RRM (Recreation Resource Management) has been with it, and the hospitality of local Wilcox residents.

Smith, who derives from Tennessee, said “(Wilcox) is a lot more laid back,” she said, “we love it.”

When asked her favorite thing about Wilcox, Smith said, “I love the weather,” she said, “plus the people here; they are the nicest, sweetest people we ever met.”Online Reservations are up and functioning through the Park’s website.

—-Another substantial upgrade– apart from last months addition of four, “tiny cabins”– the Park will soon be running 50 Amps to all 48 campsites.

Big Daddy said that means “the newer campers that need more power can now set up at RCSP. The old electrical system could not handle them and they had to go to Millers Ferry or Chalatchee. Big upgrade for the park.”



Wendy and her husband Richard are happy to manage the now 48 campsites–as well as the ‘soon-to-be’ installed Tee Docks down on the pier.

“The permit is the first thing,” confirmed Lawler, “if we could get a permit…it would be an asset not only for the park, but also the hundreds if not thousands of bass fishermen who come down here to fish.”

“I believe with the partnerships we already have we can really make this happen,” says Ashley Pruitt, Community Outreach Manager for the State with WoodsMen Life. Pruitt briefly touched on some plans to bring the Tee Dock project at Roland Cooper State Park a reality.


Roland Cooper State Park/ RRM Staff:

Wendy and Richard Smith, Park Managers

Donny and Amy Smith, Park Hosts

Sherri Bridges and Frank Buckner

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