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DEVELOPING: Consecutive Tornadoes and Thunderstorms In Region; Reports of severe home damage continue


The Wilcox County EMA division was on site for yet another report of severe home damage today.

EMA Director Melissa Dove traveled to the home of Lula McClendon, who resides on 362 Kirk Rd. Pine Hill, AL. just past the Yellowbluff Racetrack.

McClendon said that a large tree on her property fell through the roof during Wednesday early dawn hours, while tornadic activity and brutal conditions swept through the South Eastern states. Many homes have been destroyed, and lives have been lost due to the recent barrage of severe weather.






Interior photos show the extent of damage. What was left of a main bedroom in Lula’s home is shown below:

Another male resident said he was “asleep when it came crashing through.” Fortunately, the residents say they feel blessed nobody was hurt.

Every sectioned living space in Lula’s home was affected in some way by the fallen tree:

Dove quickly began contacting anyone in the area who could help remove the tree from the home, including Commissioner Powell.
As of this writing, Powell is currently sending word to friends with very basic, but useful machinery.

Local EMA currently lacks any usable funding to repair homes of families in extremely rural parts of Wilcox County. A connective line of phone calls and texts to friends of friends is being utilized with efficiency at the moment.

More to come…


Tree down on a home in Yellowbluff. Severe storm damage

Posted by Ethan Van Sice on Thursday, April 6, 2017



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  1. Salvador Nichols on April 12, 2017 at 5:29 am

    Tornadoes really are scary. The fear not only stops after it hits, the aftermath can sometimes be traumatizing. I hope the people affected can recover soon from this.

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