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WILCOX CO. OFFICER struck with Methamphetamine needle during arrest

(BREAKING NEWS— suspects arrested for Marijuana Possession Thursday also had crystal methamphetamine—-)


New info regarding Thursday’s drug arrest has been released.

One County officer was forced to undergo blood-testing after being  pricked by an un-capped needle used for the intravenous injection of Crystal Methamphetamine.

The incident occurred Thursday evening, while the inflicted officer was assisting to the arrests of Lori Mayes and Bobby Norman, of Virginia.

“They were found with over a gram and a half of meth, as well the marijuana,” the officer gave in a statement, “one of our K9 units alerted the vehicle. The needle was found on the suspects outside the truck they were driving, and was filled methamphetamine when it pricked (the officer)”

Blood results will not be available for another 6 months, the officer estimates.


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  1. Diana on April 19, 2017 at 8:18 pm

    Praying for this officer.

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