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CAMDEN P.D.’s Newest Deputy believed to hv. 2 (two) EXTRA LIMBS… and be covered in fur


The Camden Police Department has a new tool to help fight illegal drug activity in the community.

Chief John Matthews says his department now has implemented a new K-9 unit.

He says the unit consists of a dog, a human handler and a vehicle.

He says the dog is trained in drug detection, tracking and apprehension.

“Well, it came about because there’s a need. Crime is not getting less, itgetting more. There are more challenges and to meet those challenging needs we have to have the resources to do it and the drug dog, the tracking dog is a portion of what the department needs.”>

Chief Matthews says the K-9 unit cost about 10-thousand dollars to implement.
He says it was funded by a combination of grants and community support.

(Source: West Alabama Newsroom)

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