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–ALLIGATOR HUNTING SEASON– Here’s everything ya need to know!


The season officially opens for alligator hunting in our region TOMORROW, Thursday August 10 @ 8:00 p.m.

Local outdoor enthusiast and host of ‘Gettin Outdoors Radio with Big Daddy Lawler’, James Lawler, has been able to maintain the same excitement and passion towards these hunts as he’s ever been; he has already committed to remain in touch with all 50 tag holders throughout the two-weekend-long event. And if history is any indication, Big Daddy will be among the first to know if and when Wilcox produces yet another, record-breaking monster at the Roland Cooper Weigh-In station.

Conservation Commissioner Chris Blankenship & Director Chuck Sykes will also be on hand Thursday with Sgt. Joe Goddard. Tag holders will have until 6 a.m. Sunday to weigh-in any kills before the weekend closes. Hunts will resume next Thursday at the same time, and also conclude Sunday morning with a detailed index of kills, team stats, and eventually–the name of the winning team for our region.

Firstly, it’s important to understand how all of this came to be:

ADCNR biologists survey rivers in south and central Alabama each year for alligators. The data is used to make sure the gator population can sustain a hunting season.

Big Daddy Lawler’s latest broadcast reviewed these findings. You can stream that episode HERE



Still not sure what to expect? Check out these vids posted by past tag-holders/spectatators:




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