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QV bomb-scare diffused by fast-acting officers

Good instincts and class-act law enforcement led to the arrest of a New Jersey man last Thursday, after a Camden Police Officer conducting a routine traffic stop noticed a ‘suspicious package’ in the vehicle he was driving.
George J. Vahamonde, 29, was charged for possessing a ‘hoax bomb’, along with other charges, after his erratic behavior at a local QV service station’ eventually brought attention to some items ‘resembling explosive devices’ in his vehicle.
Other homemade terror devices, such as a hatchet and powder-combustible items, were found near the initial suspicious package, which prompted local PD to call on other First Responders in the area, as well as a team of…. Subscribe Online


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  1. Sherry on October 11, 2017 at 3:16 pm

    This was not a routine traffic stop. A man that was traveling with his daughter in the car with him was ran off the road by this person and they called 911. That’s how the police knew the make and model of the car, the new Jersey license plate and the where abouts of the vehicle in order to come to the QV and question the man.

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