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Pine Hill Veteran’s Day Program

A Veteran’s Day observance will  be held at the Pine Hill Cemetery (or in case of rain,  at the Pine Hill Municipal Building).   Please bring a lawn chair. U.S. Marine Corps Captain Chester McConnell (ret) will discuss the role of dogs in war.  From war dogs trained in combat to their use as scouts, sentries, and trackers,  their uses have been varied and continue to exist in modern military usage.  War dogs have saved the lives of tens of thousands of men in combat by smelling or hearing the enemy, detecting booby-traps, helping injured personnel and directly attacking the enemy.  The speaker will discuss “war dogs” and their many contributions.  Retired war dogs are veterans, too. Everyone is invited to come and help us recognize and honor ALL our veterans of ALL branches of service who served our great Nation.

Nov-11-16 11:00 am - Nov-11-16 12:00 pm