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(UPDATE & CORRECTION- Wednesday, 9 a.m.) “The Wilcox Gangs Are Mad”

DA: “The Wilcox Gangs are Mad”

Wilcox District Attorney Michael Jackson says gang retaliation is responsible for the recent chain of criminal incidents in Camden, including Friday’s shooting of a community corrections officer.
According to prosecutors, several businesses and commercial dwellings in the area (including Summerwood, Westgate, and Dogwood Apartments in Camden) were pelted with bullets by unknown assailants over the past few weeks.

District Attorney, Michael Jackson

District Attorney, Michael Jackson

Friday morning, a woman named Kre’Shana Bonham, 22, fell victim to one of those shots.

“I was asleep,” she said, “you can imagine how scary it was just waking up bleeding.” She’d only been living in Camden for 2 weeks when the shooting occured.Fortunately, Bonham was only grazed by a bullet, and her minor injuries have been treated. She was back to work at the Courthouse Annex in Camden Monday morning.

Officials say the shooting and other recent crimes are directly related to a deadly shooting at a local club just 7 weeks ago.
On May 29, 2016 at approximately 1:20 a.m., the Wilcox County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to the Flip Flop Club off Highway 10, approximately (5) five miles east of Camden. Upon arrival, deputies were informed that a young black male had been shot in the head.

At approximately 4:00 p.m May 29, Rayshawn Q. Rowden, age 19, was pronounced dead at Montgomery hospital.

Just a few hours later, a man named Marquell Kimbrough, also 19, was arrested and charged with the murder. He was placed in the Prince Arnold Detention Center, and to this day, has been disallowed to make bond.
According to witnesses, the victim’s mother received a text message from an unknown number, reading “you will be next.”

Marquell Kimbrough

Marquell Kimbrough

“The Wilcox gangs are mad because one of their members, Marquell Kimbrough, can’t get out on bond,” Jackson said.

Such angst has also been rumored to connect with the shooting on Shamburger Rd. in Yellowbluff  last week, a shooting towards the grandmother’s home of a man (last name Mcbride) last Thursday, and Friday’s shooting on a truck, intended for a man named Coleman, where Bonham was shot in the nose.
District Attorney Michael Jackson is working with the local gang task force and Camden police to identify and capture those involved.
We’ve received word of a previous inaccuracy in this news story. The shooting that was rumored to have taken place at the Racetrack in Yellowbluff DID NOT, in fact, occur on the business’ property. It was reported to have happened on Shamburger Rd. in Yellowbluff AFTER the two individuals had left the track. NO SHOTS WERE FIRED AT THE RACETRACK. We apologize for the misinformation.)

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