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(BREAKING NEWS: 6:22 am Tuesday) Crashed and Abandoned Mustang owner/s identified–Child and adult male admitted to E.R.

The final destination in black Mustang’s 100-yard tear through the thickets… …..which ran sharp, staggered, and sopped with evening rain’s byproducts. MUD–was expected to come in handy to the Wilcox Deputy Sheriff on scene, whom by the aid of a sharp-eyed, bystanding 9-11 caller at last ventured treacherously towards the fading headlights of a far,…

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(Must See VIDEO!) EDITORIAL–“Expect Sunny Skies and Sandy Shores; A Green Day in Orange Beach.” –by Ethan Van Sice

Green Day to make first Alabama tour-stop in band’s 30 Year History The perpetually chart-topping, notoriously political, five-time Grammy Award winning band from California’s iconic Bay Area, pop-punk trio Green Day, made tickets and show times available for their highly anticipated Summer tour Friday at 10 a.m. –with one, rather unlikely stop. A stop that’s…

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(VIDEO) Part two of the “Gee’s Bend Ferry 10-year Anniversary” series

In continuance of our “10-year Gee’s Bend Anniversary” theme, here’s part 2 of a video collection devoted to that fateful day: It’s been 10 years since ferry services connecting the predominantly black and impoverished community of Gee’s Bend to the larger, more opportunistic city of Camden were placed back into the spectrum of reality. And…

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(VIDEO) City Shop in Camden catches Fire

A bolt of lighting struck the aluminum roofing that covered Camden’s city shop off Hwy 225 Wednesday afternoon, causing a massive fire. Volunteer firemen and Camden city police were called at approximately 3:45 p.m. They arrived quickly, but unfortunately, the entire building was engulfed in flames by the time they got there, along with everything…

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