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(Must See VIDEO!) EDITORIAL–“Expect Sunny Skies and Sandy Shores; A Green Day in Orange Beach.” –by Ethan Van Sice

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Green Day to make first Alabama tour-stop in band’s 30 Year History

The perpetually chart-topping, notoriously political, five-time Grammy Award winning band from California’s iconic Bay Area, pop-punk trio Green Day, made tickets and show times available for their highly anticipated Summer tour Friday at 10 a.m. –with one, rather unlikely stop.

A stop that’s never been considered customary, or even slightly expected from most mainstream music artists with a track-record for selling out Professional Football Stadiums, much less a quaint amphitheater, maybe a two-and-a-half hour drive away from Wilcox County.

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But especially in the deep south, near the deep blue ocean shores of Orange Beach, Alabama, would most folks be scratching their heads after receiving word that an unapologetically liberalistic group of punks would be sinking their toes in the sands of Dixieland.

However— as the past 3 decades have shown—Green Day has a documented habit of shaking things up.

But the reality is, it always works out to their advantage in the end…as well as our own.


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The charmingly obnoxious, and seemingly ageless punk-rock trio will be promoting their 3rd album to debut at #1 on the Billboard 200 charts, Revolution Radio, which,

even at the time of this writing consists of two, number one hit singles on multiple rock, alternative, and radio and streaming charts–one of which has already been nominated for “Best Rock Song” of the year.

Bang, Bang, the first track to hit the airwaves since the band’s temporary hiatus over 4 years ago, was overwhelmingly well-received from old and new Green Day fans alike. From the first rapid ¼ chord pounding moment, the gut-busting song feels like a sympathomimetic, forcing a re-collective wave of nineties garage-rock intravenously, inducing a nostalgic overdose. The lyrics, which very intentionally and powerfully revisit the undying, leftist outcry… nay, demand, for gun reform in the United States, will have everyone certain of at least one thing (it’s written from the perspective of a mass shooter, eerily reminiscent of the words which could’ve possibly been running through Dylan Roof‘s mind.)

Even if that thing never did, never should…and quite frankly still doesn’t make very much sense…

Another thing that doesnt make sense:

These 45 year old men who used to scramble our brains in 1994 with teenage-angst ridden songs that inflicted lesser wounds lyrically, (getting dumped, being bored, and doing drugs)… are still going strong and moving just as fast. By the looks of things (their 2nd single, Still Breathing, is now entering it’s 3rd week at Number One on three Billboard charts) they’re not showing any signs of slowing down…(READ MORE IN OUR E-EDITION)


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