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(BREAKING NEWS: Tuesday 8:30 a.m.) Libelous, racially motivated “anti-Creswell” campaign continues


A sign depicting the words “Creswell Ku Klux Klansman” was starkly displayed on the home of a local, African American man named Clifford Martin this morning. The photo was taken at approximately 8:30 a.m.

The “Creswell” on the flag is assumed to be alluding to Phil Creswell, who announced his candidacy for Mayor a few weeks ago. Elections are next Tuesday.

Yesterday, Clifford Martin entered The Progressive Era newspaper office at 16 water street. He brought with him his own photographs showing a white man removing the very same flag from Martin’s car.

Martin asked us to identify the man. He also wanted to run an advertisement in the newspaper using his photos, along with his own, libelous wording to suggest some kind of racial “hate crime” had taken place. Martin said the man put the flag on Martin’s car as some sort of scare tactic.

After speaking with Camden PD this morning, we learned that the white man did not, in fact, place the flag on Clifford Martin’s car, but was actually removing it. It is assumed that Clifford Martin himself put the flag on his own car. Evidence to support that fact is in the above photo.

We do not know if the flag is still on Martin’s home at this time, nor are we certain of his motivation behind it.


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