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F.S. Ervin Elementary School Community Garden


L-R – Mr. Don Pritchett, Mr. Tommie L. Nicholson, Mrs. Carolyn Rothchild, Principal Autry, Mr. Tommie L. Nicholson, Jr. and Mr. Derrick Packer.

We dedicated the F.S. Ervin Elementary School Community Garden, July 30, 2016 at 8 a.m. Although we are in the incubator stage, Mrs. Carolyn Rothchild, Nutrition Education Program Coordinator for Wilcox County, was pleased to see the progress made. The F.S. Ervin Community Garden is currently managed by members of the Pine Hill Community along with the students of F.S. Ervin Elementary School. The garden was made possible through the support and grants of The Town of Pine Hill and a Cooperative Agreement between ALA-TOM RC&D Council.
Principal Autry shared how the F.S. Ervin Elementary School Community Garden will impact student success and community relationships. For example:
Youth Education
Community gardens can serve as an outdoor classroom where youth can learn valuable skills, like those involving practical math, communication, responsibility and cooperation. They also provide the opportunity to learn about the importance of community, stewardship and environmental responsibility.
When combined with science education, gardening can be a form of experiential learning that is more effective than traditional…(READ THE FULL ARTICLE on page 1B of our E-Edition)

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