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(BREAKING NEWS: 1:10 p.m. Wednesday) Two-vehicle accident in Coy


(1:10 p.m) Medical first responders are informed of a two-vehicle accident at the 4-way stop in Coy (intersection of County Roads 12 and 13)

(1:29 p.m.) Young woman identified as Ashley Hunter is found writhing in pain near the Coy “Welcome” sign, approximately 50 ft from her damaged vehicle. She requests medical assistance and is complaining of pain in her chest.

(1:31 p.m.) Hunter’s vehicle shows extensive damage to the right, exterior siding and bumper.

(1:35 p.m.) Another woman identified as Joyce Dudley remains seated in her vehicle, clutching her shoulder. She requests medical assistance, but otherwise feels “blessed and thankful” that the young man who called 911 witnessed the accident shortly after it took place.

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