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(BREAKING NEWS: Monday; 9:48 A.M.) Man Confesses to Murdering Chrissy Gaston



The Wilcox County Sheriff’s Dept. confirmed this morning that Steven Stacey, a prime suspect linked to the unnatural death of 55-year-old Chrissy Gaston from Camden, has confessed to strangling and improperly handling her deceased body.

On Christmas Day, Stacey strangled Gaston with his bare hands. Investigator Steve Carlisle, who is leading the case, said Stacey did not immediately inform anyone, nor did he try to flee from the scenario in the wake of Chrissy’s tragic death.

Instead, Stacey used blankets found around the house to mask the odor of her decaying body. “As the smell got worse,” Carlisle says, “he would either move the body or use another blanket.”

Investigators say a total of 5 blankets were used to sheathe Gaston’s body. Stacey did this for up to 5 days before turning himself in.


Paramedics were called out to Gaston’s home in the River Bluff subdivision early New Year’s Eve morning.  Steven Stacey, who made the initial call, was present at the location when help arrived.

Gaston’s body was removed from her home shortly after and sent to forensic pathologists. An on-site inspection allowed local authorities to give a statement saying the deceased had been there for “several days”.

Stacey was originally charged with “Abuse of a Corpse”. However as of this morning, Wilcox Sheriff Ernest Evans has confirmed that the charge will also be upgraded to Murder.

The convicted had recently been released from a 6 month jail sentence, at Chrissy Gaston’s own request…(READ MORE in Wednesday’s E-edition).




  1. Tina young on January 2, 2017 at 7:58 pm

    Concerning Chrissy Gaston ,Steve Stacy made the call the Morning of New Years Eve,not early Christmas morning!

    • Editor on January 2, 2017 at 11:06 pm

      You are correct. Thank you! We appreciate any and all input from readers when it comes to corrections.

  2. Michael Paul on June 25, 2017 at 4:49 pm

    I saw this man sitting outside of the courthouse Square in Orange uniform smoking cigarettes and breathing free air why Chris the gattlin in the ground not breathing and I don’t understand why he’s allowed to do such things

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