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(BREAKING NEWS: Thursday–3:55 p.m.reprt) Massive Chemical Spill on Hwy 5 causes Preventative Emergency Shutdown of the roadway


Dignitaries of the Wilcox County EMA division and local 9-11 first responders didn’t waste any time suiting up alongside a highly volatile, roadway accident in which a steel enforced tanker truck carrying a highly corrosive  chemical, called Tetrabutyltin, lost control of it’s freight and overturned on Highway 5 between Pine Hill and Catherine.

The accident warranted an immediate and total shutdown of Highway 5 near the 16 mile marker. As more help arrived, swarms of State and locally certified men and women instructed to stay far away from the crashed tanker until proper procedures and dress requirements, including full-bodied HazMat suits, were utilized in their duties.

ordered to “avoid skin contact”, as the state of the compound was highly corrosive. Also, special instructions we’re given so as to not initiate one of the many dangerous reactions which characterize Tetrabutyltin.

First Responders were told not to take any approaches to clean-up that involved water, as sedimentary run-off into the creeks and medians would be harmful to anything under, around, or above all aquatic tendencies.

The compound also carries two reactive qualities as it was purposefully created for. One of which could potentiate large combustions at room temperature.

The chemical is not warned against as being noxious, or highly dispensable and dangerous upon entering the lungs.

At this time, roadways are still shut down, and clean-up proceedings have continued without incident.

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