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(BREAKING NEWS: Sunday morning) ‘Freedom on the Inside’ columnist Cory Bosarge publishes first novel

Longtime writer and friend of the Wilcox Progressive Era, Cory Bosarge, the insightful and optimistic inmate who’s been uplifting spirits with his widely popular column ‘Freedom on the Inside’ for nearly four (4) calendar years–has just released his very first, marketable novel to the public.

Written almost entirely during his lunch-breaks while working as a G.E.D. tutor at Central Mississippi Correctional Facility, Cory’s Sci-fi fantasy novel entitled ‘Dragon Warriors: A Journey through Time’ is a far stretch from what we’re used to seeing from Bosarge, but the manner and circumstance under which it was written is inspiring in it’s own right.

For one, it was written during his final days of a 13-year-long prison sentence.

I, myself, remember seeing Cory poring over a commissary-purchased legal pad with nothing but a flex-pen (so as not to stab people with) and the flickering light of a far-away television on the other side of our sleeping quarters. He was known to dabble in all sorts of writing ventures, but this one was particularly important to Cory, and something he was rightfully ambitious about completing.

“It began as a short-story” Bosarge says, “and it was one of the one’s (you) liked. It took about a year to write, and now it’s 116 pages in book form”

Cory Bosarge of Pascagoula Mississippi

Truly, I did enjoy the fantasy world and gripping narrative Cory was able to put onto paper, even though I wasn’t much of a fiction reader myself. I could tell ‘Dragon Warriors’ was going to be something that would pique interests of at least a few niche readers. However, as the final edits were being made, I realized I held in my hands a perfectly organized, imaginative, compelling piece of literature that somehow set itself apart from the rest.

‘Dragon Warriors’ is a Post Apocalyptic Science Fiction/Fantasy novel. It’s chock full of time traveling, dragons so small they can fit into the palm of your hand, magic, adolescent love, and much more.

“Join Star and Skyler on their journey to save the world from the terrible destruction it has already suffered in their own time.”, Amazon urges.

The book is available for purchase in Kindle (digital) format as well as Paperback for $9.99 on Click Here to purchase your own copy!


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