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(BREAKING NEWS: 2 o’clock pm Tuesday) Yesterday’s abandoned Ford Mustang still sits unclaimed; New evidence only leads to more questions.


The black Ford Mustang GT that was found abandoned and totally wrecked deep within a timbered thicket alongside Hwy 41 S last night…is still there.

Keys fastened tight to the ignition.

Though the car has yet to be impounded, authorities are nearly certain as to who the driver of the vehicle was….nearly.

During the first Live video coverage we obtained shortly after the vehicle was discovered, the voice of a 9-11 dispatch operator can be heard over a Wilcox Deputy Sheriff’s multi-channel radio….


Abandoned vehicle found; Hwy 41 S

The Wilcox Co. Sheriff's Dept responded to a call earlier in regards to an abandoned vehicle which had been driven off the pavement of Hwy 41 South near mile marker 81. License plates on the black Ford Mustang read "MRSGARY". A cellular telephone found wedged between the driver's seat and center console indicated that a call was made at 6:06; investigation began only 30 minutes later. 9/11 dispatch informed officer on scene that a male and child were currently in the E.R. receiving medical attention. However, the male subject admitted himself to the hospital claiming that he and the child had been in an ATV accident. This case is still ongoing.

Posted by Ethan Van Sice on Monday, February 27, 2017

She tells the deputy: two subjects (one adult male, and one child) somehow arrived at J. Paul Jones on their own, and were both in the Emergency Room. She was confident that the missing subject/s who managed to escape the vehicle and the newly treated E.R. patients–were one in the same.

She also said that the adult subject told medical personnel that he and the child  were “in an ATV accident.” The adult male’s name was Gary Nicholson.

Indeed, after running the car’s license plate and inspecting insurance details found in the glove compartment, the Ford Mustang was registered to both Gary and Von Nicholson, of Coy.

Posted by Ethan Van Sice on Tuesday, February 28, 2017

But the identity of the child is still unknown.

In fact, the identity of the driver is still unknown.

A brief record search will show a 60-year old Gary Nicholson living at a Coy address; but ALSO a Jr. Gary, or Gary Nicholson II, living at the same address.

Gary the II is only 26 years old. Sources say he has also fathered a young child in Wilcox County.

Court documents citing a violation handed down to a Lavaughn Nicholson, presumed to be a brother, described the nature of his violation as a failure to install and equip a child-restraint system within his vehicle. Those charges were filed back in 2015.

It cannot be confirmed whether those charges are relevant to this case.

Based off scant evidence left at the scene, it is the presumption of this writer that the likelihood of Gary the II being the actual driver of his father’s vehicle far outweighs the likelihood of the car’s owner being responsible for the crash.

One source close to the family emphasized the collection of CD’s that were in arm’s reach of whomever was driving. An album by 90’s Rap Icon, Tupac, (Tupac Blessed) was nestled conveniently beneath the car’s stereo, along with other miscellaneous rap CD’s. It was this source’s assumption that Gary the II, a 26 year old, would be far more likely to have these tunes at his disposal than his 60 year-old-father.

Only one trail of adult-sized footprints were found ‘walking away’ from the scene of the accident; possible evidence that the injured child was carried away.







Countless beer cans (some opened, some not) marked the trail of destruction from the point of impact along the steep embankment, all the way down to the scene of the crash.

It is not yet known whether a toxicology exam was administered.




But perhaps the most peculiar piece of new evidence lies within the unexplainable, double-tread tire markings running perfectly in line with Nicholson’s tire tracks. The tracks made by Nicholson’s Mustang lead harshly straight up into the clearing, while the others were of a different size, and only ran up to the embankment’s crest.

This case is still ongoing…

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