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(BREAKING NEWS: 6: 18) Repeat auto-burglaries at Bridgeport Landing

A sunny riverboat outing turned cloudy for one WA Junior and her family, as yet another automobile was burglarized in broad daylight at Bridgeport Landing in Camden Friday afternoon.

Emily Smith, 17, wrapped up a fun-filled afternoon on the river by stepping into a crime scene.

At approximately 6:18 PM, she called 9-11 to report that her car had been burglarized.


Emily pulled into Bridgeport Landing earlier this afternoon planning to relax. To cap off the long, end-of-semester school week, the WA Junior was looking forward to fun on the water with friends and family.

After parking her car, Emily walked down to the boating dock at Bridgeport Landing and got into a boat with her brother, who was already in the river. Merely 80 minutes would pass before Emily’s float would conclude. She returned to the landing, exited the boat, and walked back uphill towards the parking lot.


She was shocked to find the rear, driver’s side window of her white SUV had been shattered. Not only that, but her tan, Kate Spade tote which contained cash, debit cards, licenses, and other personal property–had been stolen.

Before making the call to 9-11, it had been assessed that a second purse had been taken. Another “odd-ball” detail… the object used to commit the crime was in plain sight.

It was a hitch with the pin still in it. Laying in the floorboard.

The ball hitch did not belong to Emily or anyone else in accompaniment. Strangely, a hitch with a pin left inside has been used repeatedly–almost boastfully–in several other documented break-ins at Bridgeport Landing within the past couple of months.

A report has been filed with the Wilcox Co. Sheriff’s department. This case, along with the several others like it in recent months, are currently under investigation.

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