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John Merrill Begins Legal Action Against John Moton, Jr. and other campaign finance violators

Thursday, December 27, 2018 – MONTGOMERY – As authorized by Act 2015-495, which was passed by the Alabama Legislature in 2015, and went into effect with the start of the 2018 Election Cycle, the Office of the Secretary of State has initiated legal action in Montgomery County Circuit Court against candidates and their Principle Campaign Committee (PCCs) members which have unpaid fines for filing campaign finance reports past their due date.

There are 24 unpaid penalties among the nine noncompliant committees listed below:

1.      Burton Leflore

2.      Diedra Willis

3.      Franklin Edwards

4.      John Moton, Jr

5.      Richard Dickerson

6.      Roderick Clark

7.      Terrence Johnson

8.      Veronica Johnson

9.      William Hobbs

According to state law, all funds collected are deposited directly into the state general fund.

The Fair Campaign Practices Act does not protect the people of Alabama when campaigns and their committees avoid transparent reporting of the campaign’s financial activity.

This law was established to provide the people of Alabama with a concise report of the financial activity of those seeking public office in Alabama.

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