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(BREAKING) Pine Hill PD searching for masked man who tried to rob Mini Mart

There was an attempted robbery at the Mini Mart Tuesday night, October 1st after 10pm.

A black male subject entered the front door, wearing a dark blue or black hoodie with NIKE in neon green letters, black shoes, gray pants. His face was completely covered with something white and only wearing what appeared to be one white glove on the left hand.

After entering the store, with a pistol in hand, there was a female and male employee in the store, but he made contact with the male employee, Taha Wijih, who was standing in front of the counter. Wijih immediately began tussling with the suspect.

After a brief tussle with the suspect, the suspect pointed the pistol at the employee and appeared to have pulled the trigger several times, but apparently there was a misfire. Frightened and without taking anything from the store, the suspect ran out of the store.

Anyone having any information regarding this should contact the pine hill police department at 334 963 4351.

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