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Nursing Facility enters “cool-down” phase with all residents in recovery

Administration with Camden Nursing Facility announced Monday that all residents who are currently sick with COVID-19 have completed their treatment, and are recovering.

Further good news, The facility has not returned a positive test for COVID-19 in 17 days.

CNF still accounts for a total of 43 Coronavirus cases in Wilcox County; 23 residents, and 20 employees. 6 residents who were being housed at Camden Nursing Facility have passed away due to the virus, reserving an observable fraction of Wilcox’s total deaths, which as of today is 7.

Wilcox County’s numbers soared past the 100 mark over the weekend. The Alabama Department of Health’s live dashboard shows 126 positive Coronavirus cases in Wilcox County. A rather noticeable leap, and without the help of Camden’s Nursing Facility.

The facility is entering its 3rd week after being completely sanitized, fumigated, and disinfected. The National Guard went through several meticulous phases spanning days of excessive cleaning. Professional cleaners ServPro also lent a hand to the process.

Administrator Eldridge Stewart is hoping that the recent decline in new, positive diagnosis’ within the facility can be viewed as a “light at the end of the tunnel.”

The government’s recent “lifting” of various restrictions in the public, such as dine-in restaurants, beaches, and retail outlets, seems to have directly correlated to a rise in Wilcox County numbers.

On the other hand, a stricter enforcement of sanitary conditions and person-to-person contact within CNF has resulted in zero positive tests in over half a month.


Rural Health Medical Program, Inc. will be conducting COVID-19 Drive Thru Testing at Piggly Wiggly on Friday’s from 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. by appointment only.

Call 1-844-736-7629 to make an appointment. Arrive 10 minutes early, stay in your car, follow road signs, and keep your windows up.

Register by holding your Photo ID and insurance card up to the window. Lower your window to have your nose swabbed.

Please call the appointment line to schedule an appointment if you have been exposed to or are currently experiecing COVID-19 symptoms. Testing will be by appointment ONLY. For more information visit

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