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In Memory: James Edward Pettway Sr. & Sallie Pettway


Sallie Pettway
May 28, 1918 – May 19, 2007


James Edward Pettway Sr.
Aug. 31, 1957 – May 30, 2008

“Happy Birthday in Heaven”

Your birthday brings back memories of laughter and tears of all the celebrations held throughout the precious years. As you’re now watching over us we hope that you can see how much those memories we made will always mean to us.
We’ll always cherish the time we had and smile just at the thought. We hope you know the magnitude of joy your life here brought on holidays and birthdays. It’s so hard to be apart, like everyday that fall between your memory fills our hearts.
You’re with us now where ere we go you’re a part of all we do.
We’ll celebrate your special day and the gift of knowing you are sadly missed.

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