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Glenda’s Glibs—Glenda Curl 6/27/16


It seems like pretty soon I am going to be downright lazy. With all of this technology, and changes in my lifestyles, I don’t see how I can avoid it.
I don’t have to get up from my chair to even turn on the television, or change from one channel to another. I just use my finger and that is it.
I throw my clothes in the washing machine push some buttons, sling in a little soap, and the effort is over. Of course, I do have to take the clothes out, but I don’t even take a step anywhere and they get slung into the dryer where I push another button, and they dry. A little more effort goes into getting them out of the dryer and the things put where they are suppose to be, but it is not taxing.
I get into my car, turn the key on, and put it in drive and I am on my way.
I go to work, sit down at my desk and from that position I put a whole weeks worth of paper on the screen, and it is sent into outerspace to another locations where it is printed, and then brought back to me.
I pick up my phone and instantly I am in contact with any friend I want to visit with. I can even see their face if I so desire. I have another phone at home that I can just touch some buttons and I am in contact with the same people. The only difference with that one is I can’t see their face, but that is no problem for me.
There are many things in my kitchen that have made life so much easier. A microwave that can produce a meal in only minutes. A coffeemaker that puts out coffee in seconds. A dishwasher that takes care of dirty messes by merely turning it on. A refrigerator that spits out all the ice I could ever possibly need. I could go on and on.
There was a time though that I did exert myself quite a bit more.
When I finally grew up and had to do things on my on, I was fortunate enough to have an old washing machine that I inherited from my mother. Not so lucky with a dryer. Many a day I took the freshly washed clothes to my dryer outside, a clothesline. And depending on the weather, I took them down at night after work, frozen solid.
There was no sitting down controlling my television. I had to get up and down to change channels, not to mention extra trips to adjust the rabbit ears because the channels kept fading.
Driving the car wasn’t that simple either. I turned the key and put the car into gear, and continued to change gears as I made my way wherever I was going.
My first phone was controlled by an operator on the other end. I finally progressed to a rotary phone. But if I wanted to visit face to face, I had to get up and go to where they were, no viewing over the phone.
Every night, I spent over a sink washing dirty pots and pans.
And lastly, this newspaper was put together each week with paste, which later advanced to wax.
But I hear there are still good things a coming. In a few years or so. It has been said that we will be getting into our cars, sitting back and leaving the driving up to none other than our car.
So life is good now even if it is making me fat and lazy. But in my way of thinking, I deserve it!!!!!

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