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Glenda’s Glibs

glendaBoy, that was fun. I am going to have to do that all over again.

No, nope, it was not fun, and it was a rude awakening for me. I grew up in Oak Ridge as most of you know. It was a military town so to speak and not any doctors around except military. But, for some reason, we didn’t seem to need a lot of medical attention.

I know I never went to a doctor. My measles and chicken pox were taken care of at home. I did have some issues with tonsils but I suffered through it and no doctor was called. My mother was the only doctor I had, and she did a great job taking care of me. I never saw a hospital until my babies were born and only twice more for small essential attention in more than 79 years that I have now spent on this earth. So, I never gave much thought to health issues, I just figured they would always take care of themselves. But this past week has been a wake up call for me. And not one that I was happy to wake up to. It has been hard to be limited in the things I can do. And I hate having to ask people to do things for me. It is as much mental anguish as physical.

But any illness will make you stop, and pay attention to the things, happy. Then, as if by a miracle, when my spirits were beginning to ebb, flowers and cards began arriving from home, letting me know that I was not forgotten. I even had visitors that didn’t seem to mind the long drive up there. And for the first time in forty something years I was not in Camden on a Monday putting out a newspaper, but that too was taken care of. I was sent someone to take over for me. Someone that knew I was going to need some extra help, even though I was not aware of it myself.

Ethan has done a wonderful job with the paper and has made many improvements in my absence. Being an independent and stubborn woman, I never could think far enough down the road to know that I was dispensible. But only by the right person. And now, that I am home, I have continued to be amazed at the loving and caring of people here at home. Not a meal has gone by, without it being supplied by some special person in my life. The list is endless. And I am more grateful than anyone will ever know. But I hope to show my gratitude in some kind of way in the days and months ahead. And, I have been blessed also with a special friend that has been here for my every beckon call since I left the hospital. And believe me that can’t be easy either. Being the perfectionist that I am, it is not everyday you can find someone that wants to help and take care of those needs, my way. Bill has done just that, and that has allowed Julie and Michael an opportunity to get a little more normalcy back into their lives. So, with a heart that is overwhelmed with love and gratitude, I want to thank everyone for being there and caring, truly caring. This is something that has been lost to many because they just didn’t live in the right place…Camden, Alabama.

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