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Glenda’s Glibs- 8-17-16


By Glenda Curl

I know most of you are really tired of reading about my ailments. But if you are confined to your home most of the time, what all can you write about if you are dedicated to writing a column every week. So, here comes some more. I decided the other day to be useful and water all my plants. It wasn’t too hard of a decision because they were really looking puny and in desperate need of some water. I thought to myself, that is a simple job and I think I might can just pull this one off. So, I got my little watering pitcher filled it with water, and proceeded to bring the plants back to life. I started in the dining room and soaked those suckers good. Next was the den, and then on into the bedroom. I was really proud of myself, I had accomplished something. But that was short lived. When I got back to the kitchen, I looked in the dining room for some reason. There was a brown yucky liquid all over he floor in that room. I had given my biggest plant too much for a nickle. Nothing to do but mop the floor which did not fit into any plan I had, because I hadn’t exerted myself that much in quite a while. But I got it done, but just barely. I took the mop back out on the back porch where it belonged and came back in and sat down to rest. Well, a day or two later, I went out the back door which I couldn’t tell you now why I did. Why would I go on the back porch, when everything I wanted to see was on the front porch. Your guess is as good as mine. But like I said, I went on the porch and a wasp scooped down over my head and lit in my hair. I brushed it off, but I could tell it was an aggressive wasp. And sure enough it was. Before I could get back in the house another one zapped me on the side of my face around the jawline and then again on my right shoulder. I mean it was full of venom because it hurt like crazy. I ran in the house and started looking for a Benadryl. I swallowed that thing in a heart beat, and then I started worrying that I might not be able to take the only pain pill that I allow myself, and that is right before I go to bed. So what to do, but look on the Internet and see if the two pills would be safe to take together. One site said it was probably okay and another said no don’t. So I had a situation, should I take my bedtime pill or forego the sleep I needed. I took it anyway and I will have you all to know, that was the first time I slept through the night. They did say both pills would make you drowsy. I hadn’t witnessed that too much with just the pain pill. But I was happy that I finally got a good nights sleep. Until…I went in the bathroom the next morning and looked in the mirror. One side of my face was all puffed up without a wrinkle in sight. I thought to myself that wasn’t a pretty sight really. Everyone I see, if I see anyone, will know that was not my normal face. But as I looked more closely at it, the thought ran through my mind, that if I went back out on the porch and turned the other cheek, then both sides of my face would look the same. And no one could probably tell anything was wrong because they would both be puffed up. No wrinkles on either side of my face, and I could just forget about plastic surgery. It would be painful but so would a face lift. Besides I could get another good nights sleep!

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